Friday, August 31, 2012

{a few of my favorite things}

Pinterest has inspired me. In fact, I believe it has made me a better teacher. Here are a few of my favorite tips/tricks/things in my classroom. 

{my classroom}

{We are a peanut free classroom. I was tired of looking at the stock picture that the nurse gives out (as lovely as it was), so I had  my awesome friend make a sweet vinyl print for me to put on my door. One of my kidney beans said it looked like a band-aid. So, in my class we're peanut and band-aid free. ;) }

{This is my behavior chart. It's made from a drip pan and just painted with acrylic paint. Their names are laminated with magnets on the back.}

{My classroom storage. These crates are amazing, because they stack. My classroom has little to no storage so these come in handy. And they're cheap!}

{My desk. I love using this cute platter on my desk. It frees up desk space, and the things I use constantly are always in reach. I LOVE my class list that is there in the frame. (Source) I use a white board marker to mark off names and put a line at the top so I know what I'm checking off. It's brilliant.}

{I don't know about you but the whole pencil situation drives me bonkers. So my fabulous classroom aide, Mr. James came up with the fab idea to give them 5 pencils in their box each week. They use them to their hearts content and then on Friday he sharpens and sanitizes each box. This has been incredible! Nobody wants a new pencil, nobody complains that their pencil is broken and nobody drives me nuts asking for a pencil when I'm in the middle of teaching. That Mr. James is a genius!}

{Captain Clean notes. I love the way a table looks when everything is in it's place. Since we have tables I didn't want a "desk fairy" because my OCD brain couldn't wrap around the idea. Our classroom theme is Superheroes so I came up with this idea. Captain Clean leaves a note and a treat on a spot when he sees it looks great. My kidney beans LOVE this and it has really helped them keep their area clean at all times. }

So that's that. Just a few of my favorite things. I hope you like what you see and keep coming back for more!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


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