Friday, September 7, 2012

{Job Jeans}

During my student teaching I learned about many things, but the job jeans are one of my favorites. Jana Kotsur was my mentor teacher that introduced these lovelies into my life. My fabulous mother-in-law sewed these together for me and I have used them ever since. I have six jobs that the kidney beans keep for one week. I write their names on popsicle sticks with a colored dot on the other end. After a kid has had a job I return their stick into a cup with the dot side up. Once all of the sticks are dot side up then the rotation begins again.
Our classroom jobs:
  • 2 Line Leaders (one boy, one girl)
  • 2 Cabooses (one boy, one girl)
  • 1 Door Holder
  • 2 Cleaning Crew Members (one boy, one girl)
  • 4 Office Managers (one from each table)
  • 2 Subs (one boy, one girl to take the place of any kiddo that is absent or has lost their job due to bad behavior. The subs become the line leaders the next week since sometimes they don't get a lot of job time.)
What jobs do you use in your classroom?


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