Friday, September 14, 2012

{Turn-In Station}

My first year teaching I felt like I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting my papers into alphabetical order. I needed a fix, and I needed it fast. I saw these hanging wall organizers at Lakeshore and came up with a plan. Each kidney bean has a spot, and they turn all of their work into this place. It's organized and functional, two of my favorite things.
My kidney beans put their homework, tests and classwork into their spot and instantly everything is in ABC order, ready to be graded or filed. It is also a super easy way to check and see who has yet to turn something in.

The one on the left holds 27 so I had to find another single column one for the side. I wish they matched.

My kiddos have been doing this since the 4th day of school. It takes some patience to teach them how to nicely place their papers into their slot but it is totally worth it in the end.

How do you collect papers? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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